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The Carbayera

La Carbayera is a very special collection: everything arose from it, and its drawings include typical leaves from Asturian forests such as holly, pine, yew and oak.

“Les Fleurs” collects through this collection the yellowish and brown tones typical of the autumn season. We love this time of year and its range of colors!

We are inspired by the places we frequent, creating a collection as symbolic as “La Carbayera”

The Rose Garden

Pale pink and eucalyptus green tones define an exquisite collection with character, perfect for an elegant wedding.

A mansion, a farmhouse, an old palace, an Indian mansion... Any of these settings would be perfect for our “La Rosaleda” collection to be the protagonist.

In this collection we have opted for classic stationery, which will never go out of fashion.

The Camellias

With this series, Les Fleurs collects its freshest, youthful and cheerful stationery. Dare to give color and light to your invitations!

Las Camelias is inspired by warm, homely, close, simple and full of vitality corners that Maison de Indianos likes so much.

Range of yellows and greens that make the entire collection give off light at any time of the year

The Sanjuanera

The Sanjuanera! Without a doubt, our most daring collection.

A variety of bright pinks, greens and light ochers are the predominant tones in this series, creating an ideal combination. What do you think?

The Sanjuanera is a typical Asturian flower. We have been inspired by it to capture simplicity and energy in all stationery. Dare to give that cherry on top of color to your event!

Young, party-loving, delicate, colorful and with sparkle is “La Sanjuanera”, ideal to dress and hit the mark at any event of the year.


We have a predilection for cozy spaces, with simple lines, bright and with rustic furniture that gives harmony. That's why we identify with the Provençal style of southeastern France... versatile, simple and romantic!

To achieve the Provençal style in this collection we have used very soft and bright pastel tones, which can be combined at your events with light blue, pale pink or lavender.